05 March 2016

The Power of 8-bit soccer games

As a major part of the long-term growth and development of soccer as a sport, it was only a matter of time before it wound up in video game format. Whilst SBOBET users have no doubt seen the various soccer-related games just waiting to be played and enjoyed, the actual history of soccer games goes a fair bit further back than that.

8bit-Football treatment to C64 graphics

Here are just some of the more popular old-school 8-bit soccer games released in the past for you to use as inspiration before your next visit to SBOBET;

Football International

One of the first big game was Bandai internationals creation, Football International. It’s black and white style and limited character designs obviously look quite awful today, but at one stage it was the talk of the town.

This old classic garnered a rather major following at one stage and is a big hit with classic gamers today who like to take a little trip back down memory lane.

Soccer Mania

Soccer Mania was a popular game back in the day, created by the Kitty Group in the early 1990s. Much like Football International, it was relatively basic in its design and therefore carried some very limited game modes and features.

However, it’s got that Sensible World of Soccer feel to it and for that reason many people still enjoy sticking it on to this day. It might look cheap and tacky now, but at once stage it was the finest looking soccer game out there!

Goal! Two

Goal! Two was a massive release at the time, introducing full colour screens and pitches and giving you a full appreciation of the isometric football game. It had cup modes and tournaments in exhibitions as well as a squad of fifteen, all of which have varying characteristics.

24 teams in total were included to give you a fine selection.

Soccer Manager

Are you a fan of football management games? Ten the old school Soccer Manager was one of the big favourites back in the day. With this game, you got to take on the very first vestiges of being involved as a manager of a team.

With very little detail about the game other than team names and some very obscure and limited management features, this feels outdated and cheap today. At the time though, it was revolutionary and helped to really freshen up the football gaming brand.

Whilst SBOBET users might be used to PES and FIFA today, the games above game them the inspiration they needed to really flourish and grow into the mastermind copies that they are today! These games really made a telling difference to the industry itself, and their effects can still be felt as we fire up our next-gen games consoles once and for all to enjoy the slightly more realistic styles of today.