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02 July 2018

Knudsen long throw-in

Denmark player Knudsen’s powerful throw in. This is better than many corner kicks!

Croatia 1 (3) x (2) 1 Denmark | 1 July 2018 | World Cup 2018

#denmark #world-cup-2018

A day for goalkeepers

Goalkeepers were inspired today. We had several penalty saves, so here we go:

Akinfeev (Spain x Russia)

Kasper Schmeichel (Croatia x Denmark)

Subasic (Croatia x Denmark)

#croatia #denmark #russia #spain #world-cup-2018

26 June 2018

First 0-0 of the World Cup

Denmark vs France was not the most exciting match we have seen. We had our first 0-0 of this World Cup.

Denmark 0 x 0 France | 26 June 2018 | World Cup 2018

#denmark #france #world-cup-2018

16 June 2018

Denmark vs Peru

Yurary gives the victory to Denmark! Here is how he scored.

Peru 0 x 1 Denmark | 16 June 2018 | World Cup 2018

#denmark #peru #world-cup-2018 #yurary-poulsen

06 August 2014

Brian Laudrup celebration

Remarkable goal celebration by Brian Laudrup in the match Brazil vs Denmark in World Cup 1998.

#brian-laudrup #denmark

30 May 2013

Bendtner celebration (with Paddy Power underpants)

Nicklas Bendtner celebrates his goal in the match between Denmark and Portugal, for the Euro 2012. The striker was fined in £80,000 for flashing the Paddy Power-branded waistband of his underpants.

#denmark #euro-2012 #nicklas-bendtner