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09 August 2021

Malcom's gold medal goal

Malcom scoring the goal that gave Brazil gold medal in Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Brazil 2 x 1 Spain | 7 August 2021 | Olympic Games 2020

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10 July 2021

Brazil and Argentina in Copa America 2021 Final

Brazil and Argentina once again will play for the Copa America Final. Here are Neymar and Messi in preparation for the match.
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22 February 2021


The Brazilan queen Marta, six times winner of FIFA World Player of the year.

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07 December 2018

Falcão retires

Futsal legend Falcão is retiring. The Brazilian player became famous for his many tricks when playing futsal.

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15 July 2018

Ronaldinho beats

Ronaldinho stole part of the show in the World Cup final when he appeared with the drums.

#ronaldinho #world-cup-2018 #brazil

09 July 2018

Courtois stops Brazil

Brilliant match by the Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois. Here is one of his many saves.

Brazil 1 x 2 Belgiu, | 6 July 2018 | World Cup 2018

#belgium #thibaut-courtois #world-cup-2018

02 July 2018

Brazil CS celebration

A flash bang from Counter Strike? No, it is Willian, Neymar, Gabriel Jesus and Coutinho celebrating for Brazil.

Brazil 2 x 0 Mexico | 2 July 2018 | World Cup 2018

#brazil #gabriel-jesus #neymar #philippe-coutinho #willian #world-cup-2018

Neymar on the ground

A very common scene in this World Cup when Brazil plays: Neymar on the ground. If he is hurting or acting, I leave to you to decide.

Brazil 2 x 0 Mexico | 2 July 2018 | World Cup 2018

#brazil #neymar #world-cup-2018

27 June 2018

Paulinho scores for Brazil

Brazil beats Serbia and grabs the top spot for its group. Here is the first goal scored by Paulinho.

Serbia 0 x 2 Brazil | 27 June 2018 | World Cup 2018

#brazil #paulinho #world-cup-2018

22 June 2018

Tite falling

Ederson and Tite got quite excited after Coutinho’s goal. The Brazilian coach went straight to the floor.

Brazil 2 x 0 Costa Rica |22 June 2018 | World Cup 2018

#brazil #ederson #tite #world-cup-2018

17 June 2018

Alisson vs the red balloon

Things did not go quite as planned to Brazil, but we captured this moment during the match, where the goalkeeper Allisson Becker bursts a red balloon on the pitch.

Brazil 1 x 1 Switzerland | 17 June 2018 | World Cup 2018

#world-cup-2018 #brazil #alisson-becker

30 May 2017


Zetti, goal keeper of Sao Paulo from 1990 to 1996 and Brazil National team from 1993 to 1997.

#sao-paulo #zetti

25 October 2016

RIP Carlos Alberto

Rest in peace Carlos Alberto, Brazilian capitain in the World Cup 1970.

#brazil #carlos-alberto

13 June 2016

Ruidiaz handball goal

Raul Ruidiaz scores with his hands and elimites Brazil from Copa America 2016.

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15 December 2015


The Brazilian legend Ronaldinho and all clubs that he played so far.

Grêmio, Paris Saint-German, Brazil (2002), Barcelona, AC Milan;

Flamengo, Atlético-MG, Querétaro, Fluminense

#ac-milan #atletico-mg #brazil #flamengo #fluminenses #gremio #paris-saint-germain #queretaro #ronaldinho

10 December 2015

Palmeiras – Brazil Cup Champions

Fernando Prass and the penalty shot which gave the title of Brazil Cup (Copa do Brasil) to Palmeiras.

#copa-do-brasil #fernando-prass #palmeiras

27 September 2015

Van Persie vs Spain [Video]

Here we are with another 8bit-football video. This time, one of the most exciting goals for World Cup 2014 in Brazil. The diving header by Robin Van Persie.

The biggest challenge in this video was to reproduce the long pass trajectory of the ball until it reaches RvP’s head.

I hope you guys also like the sound track. I thought I would replace the real life comments with some chip tune music and sound effects. Special thanks to Thiago Adamo ( for bringing his skills to the field here. Personally, I was quite satisfied with the result. I might follow this direction going forward.

#netherlands #robin-van-persie #spain

17 June 2015

O gol do Pet

This is a quie memorable moment for Flamengo supporters in Brazil. A last minute free kick goal that gave the title of the Rio de Janeiro state championship to Flamengo. The hero was the Serbian player Dejan Petković.

#dejan-petkovic #flamengo

16 May 2015

Roberto Carlos banana shot (video)

Finally I was able to finalize my first 8bitfootball video. It is a tribute to Sensible Soccer, a game which I have spend good amount of time in my childhood. This idea came after seeing Steve Welshe’s recreation at That fascinated me and I always told him one day I would try to do some thing similar. I hope you like the result.


#brazil #france #roberto-carlos #sensible-soccer

01 March 2015


One of the most traditional derbies in Brazil, Grenal (Gremio vs Internacional) will be played with supporters from both teams sharing the same place in the standings. I made this illustration as a small tribute to this initiative. I hope it works and we have no violence!

#gremio #grenal #internacional