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06 February 2021

Palmeiras wins Libertadores

Breno Lopes with the header that give Palmeiras its second title of Copa Libertadores.

Palmeiras 1 x 0 Santos | 30 January 2021 | Copa Libertadores

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15 July 2013

Final Copa Libertadores 2013

Copa Libertadores Final 2013 teaser: Atlético-MG vs Olimpia:

Atlético-MG: Victor, Marcos Rocha, Réver, Léo Silva, Richarlyson, Pierre, Leandro Donizete, Ronaldinho, Bernard, Jô, Diego Tardelli.

Olimpia: Martín Silva. Herminio Miranda, Julio César Manzur, Salustiano Candia, Nelson Benítez, Matías Giménez, Eduardo Aranda, Juan Manuel Salgueiro, Alejandro silva, Freddy Bareiro, Juan Carlos Ferreyra.

#alejandro-silva #bernard #diego-tardelli #eduardo-aranda #freddy-bareiro #jo #juan-carlos-ferreyra #juan-manuel-salgueiro #julio-cesar-manzur #leandro-donizete #leo-silva #marcos-rocha #matias-gimenez #nelson-benitez #pierre #rever #richarlyson #ronaldinho #salustiano-candia #victor #herminio-miranda #martin-silva #copa-libertadores #olimplia #atletico-mg

24 November 2019

Flamengo wins Copa Libertadores

Congrats to Flamengo, champions of Copa Libertadores! Gabriel Barbosa, a.k.a. Gabigol, celebrates this second goal!

#gabriel-barbosa #flamengo #copa-libertadores

25 July 2013

Galo Libertadores 2013

Congratulations to Atlético-MG, winners of Copa Libertadores 2013.

Victor, Marcos Rocha, Réver, Léo Silva, Richarlyson, Pierre, Leandro Donizete, Ronaldinho, Bernard, Jô, Diego Tardelli.

#atletico-mg #bernard #copa-libertadores #diego-tardelli #jo #leandro-donizete #leo-silva #marcos-rocha #pierre #rever #richarlyson #ronaldinho #victor

26 November 2021

Gabigol vs Riverplate

Gabriel Barbosa (a.k.a. Gabigol) and the goal that gave the Libertadores 2019 title to Flamengo.
Flamengo 2 x 1 River Plate | 23 November 2019 | Copa Libertadores

#gabriel-barbosa #flamengo #copa-libertadores

14 December 2018

Pity Martinez and the nos vemos sign

Pity Martinez runs to score his goal. On the back, the sign says 'nos vemos', something like see you.

River Plate 3 x 1 Boca Juniors | 9 December 2018 | Copa Libertadores

#pity-martinez #copa-libertadores #river-plate

14 February 2013

Ronaldinho and Jô celebration

Also last night, Ronaldinho and Jô celebrating a goal for Atlético Mineiro, who beat São Paulo for Copa Libertadores.

#atletico-mg #celebration #jo #ronaldinho #copa-libertadores

14 December 2018

Benedetto's celebration

Dario Benedetto celebrates his goal with this beautiful face.

River Plate 3 x 1 Boca Juniors | 9 December 2018 | Copa Libertadores

#dario-benedetto #copa-libertadores #river-plate #boca-juniors

28 November 2021

Deyverson and the referee

Palmeiras attacker Deyverson overreacts to the referee contact.

Palmeiras 2 x 1 Flamengo | 27 November 2021 | Copa Libertadores

#deyverson #palmeiras #copa-libertadores

23 July 2015

Copa Libertadored Final 2015

Copa Libertadores Final 2015: Tigres v River Plate.

#river-plate #tigres

03 May 2013

Kung fu Lucio

Lucio’s tackle on Bernard in the match between São Paulo vs Atlético for Libertadores 2013.

#atletico-mg #bernard #kung-fu #sao-paulo #copa-libertadores

26 July 2013

Players who won Champions League and Libertadores

Not that many players get to win the two most important continental cups:

Dida (Cruzeiro, AC Milan) , Cafu (São Paulo, AC Milan), Juan Pablo Sorín (River Plate, Juventus), Roque Junior (Palmeiras, AC Milan), Carlos Tevez (Boca Juniors, Manchester United), Walter Samuel (Boca Juniors, Internazionale), Ronaldinho (Atlético-MG, Barcelona).

#ac-milan #atletico-mg #barcelona #boca-juniors #cafu #carlos-tevez #champions-league #cruzeiro #dida #juan-pablo-sorin #juventus #manchester-united #palmeiras #river-plate #ronaldinho #roque-junior #sao-paulo #walter-samuel #copa-libertadores

30 November 2017

Grêmio Libertadores 2017 Champions

Congratulation to Grêmio for winning Copa Libertadores for the third time! Luan scored this beauty!

#gremio #luan

31 May 2013

Victor (Atlético-MG) last minute penalty save

Libertadores quarter finals. The game was tied in 1-1. Tijuana had a penalty at the 93rd minute. Atlético Mineiro’s goalkeeper Victor saved miraculously the penalty with his foot and his team qualified to the semi-final.


#atletico-mg #victor #copa-libertadores

08 May 2015

Funes Mori vs Pablo Pérez

River Plate vs Boca Juniors is always controversial. This happened last night when both Argentinian clubs played against each other for Copa Libertadores.



#boca-juniors #pablo-perez #ramiro-funes-mori #river-plate

02 February 2016

Victor penalty save (video version)

Copa Libertadores 2013, semi final. Atlético-MG are qualifying to the finals with the 1 x 1 result. On the 91st minute, they conceive a penalty. When most thought that was the end, Victor saves the day with a miraculous stop!

I hope you all liked the video. Most of the work here was to draw the stadium background. I have been myself to this stadium several times so I wanted to make sure that even the smallest details were present, such as the military police outfit.

Special Thanks to Mario Henrique Caixa and Radio Itatiaia from Belo Horizonte for allowing me to use the audio.

#atletico-mg #victor

24 November 2019

Jorge Jesus

Another one from Flamengo's victory: Portuguese coach Jorge Jesus!

#jorge-jesus #flamengo #copa-libertadores

14 August 2014

Pope Francis and San Lorenzo

Congratulations to San Lorenzo for winning Copa Libertadores 2014. Pope Francis show his support!

#pope-francis #san-lorenzo

20 December 2015

FIFA Club Wold Cup Final 2015

The city of Yokohama has been in the route of many foreigners since the development of its port activities in the 19th century. Today, however, it attracts the interest of the international community for a different reason: football. The second largest city in Japan will be the stage of the 12th edition of the FIFA Club World Cup Final. Europe and South America will be duelling in the International Stadium Yokohama for the title of best football club in the world.

On one side we have River Plate, the underdogs. The Argentinian team is positioning itself on the top of South American football again. Following the disastrous campaign of 2011 that resulted in relegation to the second division of Argentine League, River has showed that the glorious days are back. The conquer of America came in 2015, when the team won its third Copa Libertadores. Without many known faces or international stars, the coach Marcelo Gallardo relies on the talent of Carlos Sanchez and Rodrigo Mora to pursue the title.

On the other side we have Barcelona, the absolute favourite. After an outstanding campaign in the UEFA Champions League earlier this year, the Spanish team is now after the World Champions badge, which currently belongs to its main rival Real Madrid. The MSN trio (Messi, Suarez and Neymar) is Barcelona’s main weapon and the coach Luis Enrique already confirmed that they will be in the front line for this battle.

We from 8bit Football will for sure keep our eyes on Japan to follow every detail of this match. We all hope to see another vibrant day in the international football world and may the best team win!

#barcelona #river-plate

20 September 2018

Dedé vs Andrada

Cruzeiro’s defender Dedé gets a red card for clashing with Boca Junior’s goalkeeper Esteban Andrada.

Boca Juniors 2 x 0 Cruzeiro | 19 September 2018 | Copa Libertadores 2018

#boca-juniors #cruzeiro