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19 June 2014

Test your world cup penalty shootout knowledge

The World Cup 2014 is finally here and fans and players of the World Cup look forward to the football-orientated summer. Often in the World Cup a match will end with equal score at the end of the assigned 90 minutes of gameplay. This often means that in order to determine the winner, the match ends in an intense penalty shootout.

The prospect of their being penalty shootout drama in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil seems likely as the tournament is steeped in iconic spot kick moments.

The Ladbrokes “Big Penalty Quiz” tests fans knowledge on the best penalty shootouts of all time. For fans of the World Cup, it may be quite easy for them to get the answer right and roar to glory, or to miss the target and fall short of victory.

The “Big Penalty Quiz” is the perfect medium for football fanatics who want to test their World Cup knowledge. To play the ‘Big Penalty Quiz’, players need to click on one of the three options which include SAVED, MISSED and SCORED. The quiz itself is produced in 8 bit style which means that players can enjoy the classic video game styling which is once-again becoming extremely popular. Testing your football knowledge has never been more entertaining that with this Ladbrokes quiz and football fanatics are sure to enjoy the quiz as it will get them into the spirit of the 2014 World Cup. There are five questions loaded at a time in the game and there is a total of 15 questions. Points are earned with every correct answer so make sure your dig around in that mind of yours and kick start your footy wisdom.

It appears that each World Cup tournament in the past contained some form of penalty shootout drama and this year is thought to be no different. Sometimes penalty shootouts, particularly those that take place in the World Cup final, send surges of heart-break to fans of the losing team, just ask Roberto Baggio!.

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13 July 2014

Mario Götze World Cup Winner

After one month of intensive football, tonight we finally met new World Champion: Germany! The final against Argentina took place in Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro and, just like the last World Cup finals, 90 minutes were not sufficient to determine the winner. It was on the second half of extra time when Mario Götze who came to the pitch replacing Miroslav Klose, scored the goal that gave the fourth World Cup trophy to the Germans.

Germany came to the final as favorites. Following a crushing victory by 7-1 against the host country Brazil, the team managed by Joachim Löw was ready to end the 24 years drought of world trophies. Argentina, on its turn, seemed the most prepared team to stop the German plans. All the necessary elements were there, including a solid Messi throughout the whole tournament and a massive crowd of Argentinian supporters taking over the streets of Rio.

It was a very balanced match, with clear chances for both sides. Argentina was closer to take the lead when Higuain missed a face-to-face opportunity against Neuer in the first half. On the other side of the pitch, the Argentinian goalkeeper Sergio Romero had a busy time, trying to stop the most effective attack of the competition. Eventually, the match went to extra-time and the drama continued. When it seemed that both teams were ready for a penalty shootout decision, the goal came. On the 113th minute, after a cross from the left by Schurrle, Götze controlled the ball with his chest and struck a left-footed shot to the back of the net. No chances for Romero.

This goal also closes the series of illustrations for the World Cup 2014. We specially want to thank all who followed every 8bit moment published through the blog and social networks. The exposure of 8bit Football on world media was far larger than anything we have seen before. That only brings more inspiration to keep on going, so thank you very much. And yes, next step: Euro 2015.

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14 February 2022

Chelsea wins Club World Cup

Congratulations to Chelsea, winner of the FIFA Club World Cup! Here, Havertz celebrate his goal in the 117th minute of the extra time.

Chelsea 2 x 1 Palmeiras | 12 Februrary 2022 | FIFA Club World Cup

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26 June 2018

First 0-0 of the World Cup

Denmark vs France was not the most exciting match we have seen. We had our first 0-0 of this World Cup.

Denmark 0 x 0 France | 26 June 2018 | World Cup 2018

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17 February 2021

Bayern Munich wins FIFA Club World Cup

Congratulations to Bayern Munich for winning the FIFA Club World Cup.

Bayern Munich 1 x 0 Tigres | 11 February 2021 | FIFA Club World Cup

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15 June 2018

Ronaldo hat-trick against Spain

The World Cup barely started and Cristiano Ronaldo has already scored a hat-trick. This is how he celebrated.

Portugal 3 x 3 Spain | 15 June 2018 | World Cup 2018

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29 July 2022

Australian Dancing Goalkeeper

Andrew Redmayne, the Australian Dancing Goalkeeper who saved the penalty that confirmed Australia's presence in the World Cup.

Australia 0 x 0 Peru | 13 June 2022 | World Cup Qualifiers

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23 June 2018


Javier Chicharito Hernandez celebrates his goal against South Korea!

South Korea 1 x 2 Mexico | 23 June 2018 | World Cup 2018

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16 June 2018

Meanwhile in the stands

Maradona do not seem to care about the World Cup rules.

Argentina 1 x 1 Iceland | 16 June 2018 | World Cup 2018

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28 June 2018

Khazri celebration

Khazri celebraters his goal for Tunisia, who beats Panama in the last day of the group phase of the World Cup.

Panama 1 x 2 Tunisia | 28 June 2018 | World Cup 2018

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13 July 2014

World Cup 2014 Final

The day has come. World Cup 2014 Final match: Germany vs Argentina

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07 November 2013

Iniesta winning goal against Netherlands

World Cup 2010 final match, Spain vs Netherlands. In the second half of extra time, Andrés Iniesta scores this nice goal that gave the World Cup title to Spain for the first time. Neither Rafael van der Vaart or Maarten Stekelenburg could avoid it.

Check what were the odds for that match and other sports betting tips.

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02 July 2018

Neymar on the ground

A very common scene in this World Cup when Brazil plays: Neymar on the ground. If he is hurting or acting, I leave to you to decide.

Brazil 2 x 0 Mexico | 2 July 2018 | World Cup 2018

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16 June 2018


And here it is, the VAR bringing more controversy to the World Cup!

France 2 x 1 Australia | 16 June 2018 | World Cup 2018

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02 July 2018

The end for Messi

With this said image, the World Cup is over for Lionel Messi.

France 4 x 3 Argentina | 30 June 2018 | World Cup 2018

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26 June 2018

Guerrero scores

After a ban by FIFA, Peru striker Paolo Guerrero managed to go the World Cup and score his goal!

Australia 0 x 2 Peru | 26 June 2018 | World Cup 2018

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World Cup ends for Iceland

It was nice seeing Iceland in the tournament, but the dream is now over. Here is Bjarnason literally giving his blood against Croatia.

Iceland 1 x 2 Croatia | 26 June 2018 | World Cup 2018

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04 July 2014

Schumacher vs Battiston

France and Germany are playing today for the World Cup, so why not remember this controversial moment ofr World Cup 1982 between the German goalkeeper Harald Schumacher and the French player Patrick Battiston.

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20 August 2014

Liverpool vs Manchester City

Last year’s Premier League champions will be facing the Red Devils on Monday, and it looks set to be one of the most exciting games of the Premier League season 2014/15.

As it stands, Manchester City are second favourites to win this year’s Premier League title, with Liverpool trailing behind in fifth place, with odds of 10/1. The team narrowly lost out to Manchester City to win the title last year, going home with 84 points to City’s 86. After an amazing winning streak of 10 games, Liverpool looked set to take the title home for the first time, but an ill-fated pairing with Chelsea saw their dreams crushed.

This time round however, Liverpool will be keener than ever to bounce back and claim the title, and they’ve been making a few key transfers in order to do so. The signing of Southampton’s talents Adam Lallana, Rickie Lambert and Dejan Lovren could all be promising for the team, though it was World Cup stars Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge who managed to secure Liverpool’s victory against Southampton in the opening game of the Premier League.

One key player who they will miss however is Luis Suárez, who, despite receiving a ban from FIFA following the World Cup biting scandal, would have been a vital asset to Liverpool. City fans can be sure that Suárez’s move to Barcelona hasn’t eluded the attentions of Manuel Pellegrini. Despite a few new signings this year, City’s reign of terror began with reliable David Silva and Sergio Agüero’s goals helping to beat Newcastle 2-0.

One player who Pellegrini would be wise to keep on the bench on Monday is Willy Caballero, who did the team no favours in the Community Shield, when Arsenal returned home with a happy 3-0 victory. Arguably, this was down to the long range talents of Olivier Giroud rather than Caballero’s shortcomings, but World Cup star Joe Hart could be a more reliable choice if Manchester City are to beat the fifth favourites.

The bookmakers certainly have their faith in Manchester City however, and have given the team odds of 5/6 to win on their home soil. The result may already be in the bag, but there’s no doubt it’s going to be a tense match.

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22 June 2018

Musa scores twice

Nigeria wins their first match in the World Cup. Two goals by Musa. Here, his celebration!

Nigeria 2 x 0 Iceland | 22 June 2018 | World Cup 2018

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